Being small but thinking big has great advantages when dealing with storing your valuable non-ferrous metals, steel products and ferro-alloys.

We will be able to store anything you want, but being a family business means that we have brief and transparent procedures and visual contact with all of our warehouses.

Facts & figures
  • Our covered storage capacity is 36.000 m² with another 40.000 m² in open air
  • Our warehouse receipts, warrants and releases are internationally accepted by major banks and insurance companies to facilitate financing and the insurance of stock
  • All our warehouses are approved and certified by the London Metal Exchange (LME) and the Minor Metals Trade Associations (MMTA)
  • We are fully equipped for stuffing, stripping, cutting, (re)packing and palletizing of various metals
  • We are sworn weighers and issue official weight certificates and packing lists
  • Our scales have a capacity of 6 tonnes and our weigh-bridge has a capacity of 100 tonnes
  • Inventories are regularly checked and updates can be provided at any time
  • All our premises are protected electronically as well as by surveillance
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